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What is Threshold?

Threshold is an online platform that allows fans to see their favorite Artists– musicians, authors, podcasters, chefs, or anyone else with a craft– in unique, intimate settings.

Whether it’s a living room in Paris, a rooftop deck in New York City, or a design firm in Singapore, Threshold makes it easy to experience one of a kind concerts, lectures, and workshops.

“This app is going to be a game-changer for artists and their fans.”

Gabriella Rose

How does Threshold work?

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Follow the Artists you're interested in seeing. You can even become a Host and get free tickets to events!

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Receive email alerts when an Artist you follow has an event near your city so you'll never miss a show.

Purchase tickets online

Purchase and easily share up to 4 tickets. Get access to a group chat with the Artist, Host, and other attendees.

“house shows,” "house concerts," “living room shows"

No matter what you want to call them, they're equally amazing for fans and Artists alike.


  • See intimate performances, inspiring lectures, and educational workshops– all in unique spaces.
  • Create natural connections with other like-minded people in a friendly, inviting environment.
  • Host your favorite Artists in your house or business and receive free tickets to the event.


  • Find out where your audience is and where it still needs to grow with our patented fan heat map.
  • Have a performance, lecture, or workshop in a house, brewery, cafe, book store– anywhere.
  • Make great money while staying true to your craft.
“Threshows are my favorite way to see events. They always feel special and everyone there is so kind."
Sasha Holland
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Common Questions

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Are you an Artist?

We're looking for talented Artists to join our growing community. If you have a craft and at least 5K fans that love what you do, we'd love to hear from you.
“I want my kids to live in a world where an Artist can pursue her craft with honesty, passion, and dedication and make a sustainable, living wage while doing so."
Peter Nelson
Founder / CEO

The future
belongs to Artists.

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