Sep 27, 2020

How Did I Get Here?

Hey there, my name is Peter Nelson. I'm a dad to three amazing kids, a so-so husband, and the founder and CEO of Threshold.

Before I go any further, I’d like to let you in on a little secret– I have no idea what I’m doing here.


I never intended to create a tech company. It just...sorta happened.

There wasn’t an Ivy League education. No garages in Silicon Valley. There weren’t any pitches to YC Combinator. No funding from VC firms. No inside connections. Just an idea with roots that go back to my youth.

Since I was a boy, I only dreamt of doing one thing: playing music (well that and having sex– but I digress).

I spent 25 years chasing music. But as I got older, I also knew I wanted a family. But there was a teensy-weensy problem– it’s damn near impossible to make a living playing music.

What’s more, with the exception of a lucky few, the life of the touring family man rarely ends well. Just watch a few episodes of Behind the Music. You’ll see.

So music took a backseat to my family.

Actually, music fell right out the back door– and with it went my sense of joy, my sense of significance, my sense of purpose.

But why does it have to be this way?

Why should Artists be forced to make this agonizing choice between pursuing their craft and living a “conventional” life– however they want to define conventional.

Why? Because those are the rules of the game.

You either give up everything in pursuit of your art so you can eventually, hopefully, just maybe, one day, if the right person hears you at just the right time, make enough to pay your rent.

Or, you give up the dream, get a job as a real estate agent, have a couple kids, and treat yourself to an occasional show at the dollar theatre, as you...slowly...fade...away.

I don’t know about you, but I think those rules are shite.

So what if we changed them?

What if you could honestly pursue your art AND have a family?

What if you could stay true to your craft AND put some money away for a rainy day?

What if _____?

That’s the dream friend.

It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth a damn ever is.

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