Home is where the art lives.

Threshold helps Artists find their fans everywhere and perform almost anywhere. Whether it’s a patio in Paris, a backyard in Austin, or a live stream from a living room, Threshold helps artists of all stripes swap the stage for unique, intimate settings.

Find your fans. Everywhere.

Given our connected world, many Artists have fans all over the globe– they just can't find them. We’re changing all of that. When you sign up to Threshold and invite your fans to follow you, you’ll be able see the density of your fanbase all over the world. With this incredible insight, you’ll know which cities to hold events in and where you still need to grow your audience. It's analytics for the Artists yo!

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Earn a great living.

Ok, we’re going to be blunt here. The concept of the 'starving Artist' is a myth that needs to die an ignoble death, like, yesterday. No matter your craft, becoming a highly-skilled artisan requires countless hours of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. And just like every other profession, Artists deserve an appropriate compensation for their labor– irregardless of whether it’s a labor of love.

Perform almost anywhere.

Stages can be great. There’s the bright lights, the smoke machines, the crowds. Did I mention the smoke machines? Yes, stages can be great. They can also be a bit of a bummer– quite literally elevating the Artist above everyone else, creating an artificial barrier between Artists and their fan. Threshold substitutes the stage with an innumerable variety of unique settings– a living room in London, a rooftop deck in Hong Kong, a clothing store in New York, or a livestream straight from your bedroom– you can have a Threshow almost anywhere.

Forge organic connections.

The internet has brought us some pretty great things: pop up ads, mass surveillance, the Biebs. But for all the good it’s done, the internet has failed miserably when it comes to making us feel more connected as a human species. One could even argue it’s done the exact opposite. Because, no matter how hard it tries with instant messaging, social media, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and whatever else is coming down the pipeline, technology will never be able to replace that simple feeling you get when you sit down with other human beings in a shared space, at a shared time, for a shared purpose. So what are you waiting for. It’s time to get out from behind your device and get in front of your people.

Wanna join us?

We're looking for talented Artists to join our growing community. If you have a craft and at least 5K fans who love what you do, we'd love to hear from you.