About Us

About Us

Our story

Threshold is a small startup of scrappy, creative, and pragmatic idealists with a mission to help Artists of all kinds make a sustainable living wage, while staying true to their craft.

We are a globally focused, self-funded Public Benefit Corporation with a charter that holds us accountable– not solely for the creation of profit– but for the betterment of the people and communities we serve.

We believe that we could create an innovative platform with awe-inspiring engineering and 10X revenue growth, but if it separates users from the better parts of their humanity it will have been an utter failure.

So we have chosen a different path, a human-centered path.

We want to give Artists the tools to connect with their fans and earn a sustainable income because our world needs them— now more than ever.

We want fans to connect with each other in intimate settings because we all need more opportunities to be reminded that there is more that unites us than separates us.

Our world is in desperate need of opportunities that bring us closer together and– as nutty and naive as it might sound– we believe that Threshold can help make that happen.

We’re looking for like-minded Artists, Hosts, and Fans to join us.
"We are at a threshold in human existence, a fundamental change in understanding about our relationship to nature and each other. We are moving from a world created by privilege to a world created by community. The current thrust of history is too supple to be labeled, but global themes are emerging in response to cascading ecological crises and human suffering. These ideas include the need for radical social change, the reinvention of market-based economies, the empowerment of women, activism on all levels, and the need for localized economic control. There are insistent calls for autonomy, appeals for a new resource ethic based on the tradition of the commons, demands for the reinstatement of cultural primacy over corporate hegemony, and a rising demand for radical transparency in politics and corporate decision making...The world is a system, and it will soon be a very different world, driven by millions of communities who believe that democracy and restoration are grassroots movements that connect us to values that we hold in common.”
Paul Hawken
"Blessed Unrest"

We believe...

  • Each one of us is a unique work of art billions of years in the making– you f_kn matter.
  • Art is fundamental for the cultivation of a healthy, diverse, and humane society.
  • Artists must be free to pursue their craft– unfettered by dogma of any kind.
  • People and our Planet are just as important as Profit.
  • Main St. is just as important as Wall St.
  • Any technology that robs people of the better parts of their humanity is a failure.
  • Growth is not always the best option.
  • Difference makes us better.
  • Competition makes us stronger.
  • Transparency makes us healthier.
  • Openness makes us wiser.

Our people

Building a company from the ground up is sorta crazy– especially when you're trying to take the road less traveled. These are the people who have made it possible– we're curious, we're caring, we're weird, we're global.

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